The Shepherd’s Vigil 11/18/2020

A Weekly Message from Rev. Rafe Vigil, Senior Pastor

It is not even Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations and lights are up on homes in my neighborhood!!! Christmas trees are decorated in living rooms? What is happening? Seems to me our world is looking for a Christmas gift before we even say thank you for 2020.I know.
Who wants to give thanks for 2020? This has been a historic year and a struggle for us all. I wonder if we are rushing to the joy of Christmas or simply trying to hurry the end of this horrific year. Everything has been a struggle this year; church and worship has changed drastically; we feel disconnected from friends and family.
How do we give thanks in a year of division, illness, pandemic, and sorrow? How do we sing a song of gratitude to God when we feel like exiles in our own homes?
Friends this is our new reality. So, in this setting we find the activity of God and give thanks. Maybe this year we can dig deeper and discover the grand gifts of the Lord we have received. Perhaps we reflect with new vision from the context we find ourselves in and see the Lord’s activity in new ways. In the middle of Covid and division God is at work. Have you noticed?
Please do not rush to Christmas and the feelings of happiness and comfort you desire. Rather meditate on scripture and reflect on where you have felt the Lord. Offer true and deep gratitude for what the Lord has done. Pause in thanksgiving as it will prepare our hearts to receive the Hope, Joy, Peace and Love of the Advent and Christmas season.
Pastor Rafe