The Shepherd’s Vigil 08/05/2020

A Weekly Message from Rev. Rafe Vigil, Senior Pastor

The church is always fragile. Just like our lives. The community of faith is a living breathing organism and its life is precious and fragile. In times like this, with a virus pandemic and quarantine that alters life and shuts down the economy, the church can be greatly affected, perhaps even die.

Now, death is not a bad thing but is a part of life. Remember you cannot have a resurrection without death. Sometimes congregations cease to function, die, but that the church is always renewed by the power of Christ.

Recently I attended the funeral for the mom of a childhood friend. Our families were close, she taught me Sunday School, together we were part of a strong community of faith. Her funeral was the last event in the facilities of my home church, which closed this year. Life is fragile, churches are fragile.

However, I had my call to ministry within that community. Other pastors came from that community. Strong followers of Christ are all over our state and world, who were formed in that church. Thank you Olympia Heights UMC for blessing so many lives. The church lives! The church spreads and grows, never static.

We are in a time when everything seems so fragile. Yes, churches may close at times. However, The Church continues in the hope and grace of Jesus Christ. Christ does not disappoint. The resurrection is real. We are part of a church strengthened by the divine work of God. Amen

Pastor Rafe