The Shepherd’s Vigil 1/13/2021

A Weekly Message from Rev. Rafe Vigil, Senior Pastor

I had planned to write to you this week about the ministries coming our way in 2021. New building opening up, the second campus, mission work, worship plans, Bible studies and more. However I think I should take a moment and address what happened last week in our nation’s capital and look forward to the shift in national leadership next week. Also the present situation around the Covid epidemic.

While I was working at home last Wednesday something just nudged me to turn on the news for a few minutes, don’t know why. What I found was the live video of the horrible violence at our capital in Washington DC. I was stunned. Then I found out about what transpired before the insurrection that flamed the emotions of people at a rally. I cried and prayed for the rest of the afternoon.

Friends we need to pray for peace in our hearts and in our land. When our differences cause us to lose respect for one another it becomes sinful. Anything that separates us from one another and our God is sinful. We need to repent and pray.

While all this political hate is going on the Covid virus is affecting us all. The infection rate is spiking as expected after the holiday season. The illness and death rate is increasing drastically and has surpassed the numbers of last spring. I am sure we all have friends and/or family who have been infected and know someone who has passed with this virus. We need to pray for all those who are grieving and hurting.

In the midst of these dark days there is hope. Not just hope from a vaccine. Not just the hope of a transition of national leadership next week. The hope I speak of is the hope we have in Jesus Christ. The hope that love will prevail over all things. The hope that love will grow in our hearts. The hope that the gospel of Jesus Christ will spread like a virus and transform hearts from grief to comfort, from fear and hate to generosity and love.

Join me in a week of prayer for a season of healing and transition in our land and in our hearts.

Peace, Pastor Rafe