The Shepherd’s Vigil 10/28/2020

A Weekly Message from Rev. Rafe Vigil, Senior Pastor

Worship is expanding. I love it. More people are sharing in worship today than a year ago because of the live online worship component on YouTube and Facebook. More people in worship! While I was on vacation for the last two weeks, I was able to share in
worship with you.

It was always our dream to start an online community as part of the ministry of New Horizon, even before Covid. The events of this year caused us to accelerate the plans to fulfil this dream. Now many people are joining in worship. Family in other parts of the country, friends around the world, neighbors who live next door, and NH members who have moved away are coming together to praise God.

More connections, greater community. Perhaps the love of God will infiltrate every corner of our society and change the world. Following Jesus was and is always meant to be a radical, world changing movement. Changing the world by transforming one heart at a time.

Online worship is here to stay. Sure, it will change from time to time and hopefully for the better. We have a great team constantly at work to overcome difficulties and hurdles we may face with the technology. Thank you to our tech crew! While I may miss seeing many of you, I am discovering more and more of you are seeing me and our worship leaders. In person or online or in serving through missions, there are more options to invite a friend to find out about the love of Jesus.


Pastor Rafe