The Shepherd’s Vigil 11/13/2019

A Weekly Message from Rev. Rafe Vigil, Senior Pastor

There is a lot of debate about when is the appropriate time to put up your Christmas decorations. Thanksgiving is late in the month this year and everyone wants to get the jump on Christmas. There are homes in my neighborhood who have already put up their lights. We love Christmas and we want to get to that joy as soon as possible.
The getting ready for Christmas for those of us who follow Christ is called Advent. In worship and our spiritual disciplines we take a season to prepare for the “advent” of Christ, the arrival. This is a season of waiting, watching, preparing, and spiritual focusing in on the promise of the coming of God’s salvation in Jesus Christ.
Worship after Thanksgiving will be filled with decorations and candles all intended to guide us to anticipate the arrival of peace, hope, joy and love in the Christ of God. This is also a season to take on additional study and attention to the scriptures and the promise of God. All to prepare us for the overwhelming, awe inspiring, coming of Jesus we celebrate at Christmas.
I will be leading a special study for this season beginning next Wednesday evening (Nov. 20). Like the decorations in our homes we will be getting an early start but that just gives us more time to be in God’s word and discover God’s promises for us. I invite you to join us for this study “Sent”, about the real presence of God that is sent to us in Jesus Christ. (Books are available now in the church office. $10).
See you in worship,
Pastor Rafe