The Shepherd’s Vigil 05/27/2020

A Weekly Message from Rev. Rafe Vigil, Senior Pastor

I want to say a word of thank you to everyone who responded to the recent survey we sent out. Over the last week many of you have let your thoughts and feelings be known about how we move forward in the Covid 19 era. Your thoughts were very helpful and our Relaunch team has studied the results carefully.
It was very clear that our congregation is willing to be very patient with the Relaunch of worship and activities that gather people in the buildings. Thank you for your patience as it gives us time to plan for comfort and safety for everyone. There will be a lot more information coming to you in the weeks ahead. Please watch for letters and videos on our YouTube channel and Facebook page that will be coming.
I know that we see others around us opening up. New Horizon does not need to reopen as we never closed. Worship and our mission continues as we work to be flexible and respond to the needs around us. We are planning a Relaunch of worship and means of being the church but it will be a while still. What was our worship area is now a studio and food warehouse. These functions will need to continue indefinitely. Online worship will be a permanent part of our ministry.
If you are struggling to connect with the online worship we can help. If you are needing your church family in any way, there are people ready to connect with you. We continue to be the church and in wonderful ways.
Peace and blessing,
Pastor Rafe