The Shepherd’s Vigil 02/12/2020

A Weekly Message from Rev. Rafe Vigil, Senior Pastor

I found out recently that my home church I grew up in is going to close this year. This is a church started in the 60’s in SW Dade county and quickly grew to hundreds of people and a blend of cultures. This is the church that taught me about Jesus in Sunday School and provided a vigorous and active youth group. Both of my brothers and I went through confirmation there and I performed the ceremony for my brother’s wedding there. The congregation supported me in a call to ministry. Activing, giving, vibrant congregation and now they will close.

What happened? Something that happens way too often in churches, spiritual stagnation. It is so easy to get comfortable in our spirituality and Christian community relationships and we stagnate. The same church leader that taught my third grade Sunday School class, 50 years later, is the same leader who is doing the paperwork of closing the church. (God bless her faithfulness). This vibrant church years ago has not engaged in mission work or led people to a relationship with Jesus in decades now.

How is your spiritual life? Vibrant? Stagnant? What new relationships have you formed most recently? Remember the commission Jesus gave is to “go make disciples” which is go build new relationships. Even in our words for communion Jesus says “this is my blood poured out for a new covenant”; covenant is a relationship.

How is your spiritual life going? New relationships? Or are you simply comfortable and want to stay there. The people still at my home church love each other very much and love Jesus and love being with each other. They are all the same relationships and people I knew long ago and the church will close.

The faithful work of the church is the next new relationship. Who could you share the love of Jesus with?
See you Sunday.

Pastor Rafe