The Shepherd’s Vigil 1/20/2021

A Weekly Message from Rev. Rafe Vigil, Senior Pastor

Today is a marker day in USA history. It is another inauguration and a transfer of power. However, it is not just another one like all others. Somehow this feels very different. The past year has been long and tumultuous and this day reflects all that past turmoil and we hope points us to a better future.
In the last year we have seen devastating natural disasters, an epidemic, a depressed economy, drastic shifts in jobs, education and family life and division in our culture with an undercurrent of hate. Between the effects of Covid, political division and racial injustice we are tired, maybe confused, and in need of hope. Where is our help?
The answer sounds easy, LOVE! But the work of love is never easy and never cheap. Peace and justice go hand in hand and we have witnessed injustice all around us. Love is born out of compassion, listening, and selflessness but we are more than distracted by the noise and selfishness that pervades our culture. How do we love in this context?
I want to call us to a day of prayer. Pray today for God’s future to be realized in us, in our culture, in our nation and world. Pray for justice. When there is injustice and hate all of us suffer. Pray not only for people to find a relief to suffering but for true justice to heal the systemic biases.
Pray for love to be the rule of the day. That means praying for love to grow in our hearts and transform our lives and thinking.
Pray for Love, Pray for justice, Pray for hope, Pray for healing and then be willing to be part of the answer.

Pastor Rafe