The Shepherd’s Vigil 03/25/2020

A Weekly Message from Rev. Rafe Vigil, Senior Pastor

The faith community of New Horizon UMC is not closed! We are open for the business of sharing the good news of Jesus Christ in the midst of a global crisis that is deeply impacting each one of us. We will have worship in new ways. We will conduct meetings and collaborate for ministry using technology. Each day we are working to discover new ways to love each other and our neighbors. We will continue and increase the mission work in the community and offer ways for you to serve and live out your faith in very tangible ways.

New Horizon is not closed!

If you have kept away from learning social media (I have only dabbled in it myself) now is the time to learn some new things in technology. It is very good news that all of it is user friendly and easy to pick up, as easy as learning a new remote on the TV. (Not a good analogy as some remotes are quite confusing.)

Since we are not closed there is mission work to be done, bills to be paid, and ministry to carry out. Join us in worship each Sunday morning; the links and times are included below. (Last Sunday there were around 700 that connected in worship!) Please faithfully continue your giving. Financial information is coming soon and budgets will be altered. We are already running behind. Links for online giving are also below and you can always mail a check.

Everything in the ministry of New Horizon continues although it may be in new ways. The mission building is still going up, classes still meet (but online), teachers and students from our Learning Center are connecting virtually, and information still goes out.

In fact, this may be the time for the church to rise up and be fully open. This may be the time to truly be the church. Not to simply show up at a building to gather but to express love in very real ways. Call somebody and have a conversation; check in on a neighbor; Pray for the ill and parents now teaching their children; give in ways that meet the needs of others.

Now is exactly the time to be open and be the church.

Here are your links for Sunday worship:



Sunday 9:00 am Facebook live

Sunday after 10:30 am recorded worship on YouTube

Blessings, Pastor Rafe
Sunday, March 15, 2020 scripture and message The Woman at the Well-Pastor Rafe: