New Horizon Friends,

This year will be remembered for a long time.  I think 2020 will be a marker year in history.  For me it is a marker year like ’92-’93 when we were recovering from hurricane Andrew.  There was my life before and after this marker event.

So, what is next?  All year we have been asking that question and then the Holy Spirit opens the door for us to follow Christ through.  This has been a journey of just taking “The Next Faithful Step”.  We may be unsure of the future and what God is calling us to but as followers of Jesus we walk into the mysterious future simply taking the Next Faithful Step.

As we think about 2021, we have lots of questions about our church, the faith community, and ministry into the future.  We have seen many great things happen this year: the expansion of mission work in the community through Nourishing Lives and the expansion of the church with new members and an additional ministry site out west through the merger with Everglades Community.  Plus, the building continues to go up and the potential for even more ministry is before us.

God has been, and is, good and faithful.  We have been blessed.  This causes me to remember the scripture “to those who much have been given, much will be required.”  We are blessed and we are called.  To what are we called?  The Next Faithful Step

I want to invite you to take your next faithful step through the stewardship of pledging and giving.  Perhaps you have never made a pledge before and this action would be a next step for you.  Or perhaps you pledge regularly and increasing your gift would be your next step.  This I know from scripture and personal experience: giving blesses the giver, giving blesses the community and others, and the discipline of pledging and giving is deeply spiritual.

This act of pledging and giving is a spiritual discipline that blesses our soul and encourages the Christian community.  It is an act of empowerment for both us and others.  It is a love action toward God and others.  

Please join me in making a commitment  this week for 2021 by completing the 2021 Pledge Card, prayerfully letting God lead you into this next faithful step, and praying for our wonderful congregation at New Horizon as we take our Next Faithful Step.



Pastor Rafe


Click here to fill out the 2021 Pledge Card.

Stewardship Moments

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