History of New Horizon United Methodist Church

With great foresight, at a time in the early 1970’s when the area was very sparsely populated, the Board of Missions and Church Extension of the West Palm Beach District, purchased 5 acres of land in western Broward County. In the late 1970’s residential communities began to mushroom in the area and so the Board arranged in January 1981 for Reverend David F. Cripps, a retired minister, to conduct a door – to – door survey seeking persons interested in organizing a Methodist church to be housed on the property. The First Methodist Church of Fort Lauderdale paid Reverend Cripps’ salary while he worked to locate 76 interested families and to make arrangements with the principal of Pioneer Middle School for Sunday morning services to be held at the school.

On April 9, 1981, when Reverend Cripps recommended that a new church be started, the District Board of Missions and Church Extension approved a resolution requesting the District Superintendent to appoint a minister and purchase a parsonage. Reverend Gary A. Spencer, an Associate Pastor at First United Methodist Church in Pompano Beach, heard the decision, volunteered, and was assigned as minister to the new United Methodist church effective June 1, 1981.

The initial worship service was held September 13, 1981, with 208 present. On November 22, 1981, we became “New Horizon United Methodist Church” after three weeks of voting on names suggested by members. The name “New Horizon” was chosen since the church would be located on the horizon in our county, a horizon where our challenge would be to effect the meeting of two spheres — earthly and heavenly — to assist men, women and children in meeting God. Since the horizon is always just a little further away, as a church we will always be called to continue our search for better ways to spread God’s message of love. We adopted the rainbow as our logo because the horizon is where God set His beautiful rainbow, a symbol of His everlasting love.

On August 24, 1982, at a Charge Conference, the church approved the recommendation of a Long Range Study Committee to request that the West Palm Beach District purchase 10 acres adjoining the original property for future expansion and build a multipurpose building as soon as possible on the property we already owned. Again the District Board of Missions and Church Extension supported our decision, and after extensive site preparation, our ground breaking ceremony was held June 23, 1985. We opened our 7400 square-foot multipurpose building for worship with a consecration service on March 2, 1986.

A new Long Range Planning/Study Committee was formed April 22, 1986, and it recommended to a Charge Conference that a Building and Plans Committee begin plans for an educational / learning center / youth building. Bishop H. Hasbrouck Hughes, Jr. and West Palm Beach District Superintendent Alonzo Davis were present for a service to consecrate our Educational Building and weekday Learning Center on May 14, 1989.

The nineties were a time of continued growth and excitement. The church has grown in size: the parking facilities have been enlarged, the worship area has been expanded, and acquisition of additional office space has occurred. A new entrance way was added to the multipurpose building in late 1997. In early 1998, the Church celebrated new space in the narthex. Plans are in place for continued modification and growth. The church has also grown in its ministries and outreach to the community.


First worship service: September 13, 1981


Selected the name “New Horizon United Methodist Church”: November 22, 1981


Consecrated the Education building and Learning Center: May 14, 1989