The Shepherd’s Vigil 7/21/2021

A Weekly Message from Rev. Rafe Vigil, Senior Pastor

“You have heard that it was said…… but I say to you…..” (repeated in Matthew 5)

I once knew a high school choral director who always produced choirs and music of the highest quality. He served in the church and always had wonderful music for worship. He also had a reputation for being tough and demanding. I asked him why he pushed folks so hard, and his answer explained how he got such excellence out of his groups. He said, “you get what you expect”.

Jesus is constantly raising the bar of expectation on us. In the gospel of Matthew’s sermon on the mount, Jesus touches on a few subjects, (hate, love, lust, commitments) and each time He raises the bar of what is required of a follower.

The law is not to murder but Jesus calls for us to remove even the anger from our hearts. The common thought is to love neighbor and friends and hate enemies and retribution to those who hurt you. But Jesus teaches us to love enemies too. The gospel of Love raises the bar and that is what Jesus expects.

I suppose to follow Jesus is about excellence; it is about being the best version of yourself, not simply good enough or what the culture expects as a minimum. Jesus raises the bar of love.

Love with excellence!
Pastor Rafe