The Shepherd’s Vigil 6/09/2021

A Weekly Message from Rev. Rafe Vigil, Senior Pastor

My soul thirsts for God, for the living God. Ps. 42:2

In our distress we often cry out for help from the living God. Presently we find ourselves coming through a pandemic where our whole neighborhood, city, state, nation, and world are in distress. The distress is the anxiety of what will be the new reality we live in on the other side of the crisis.

We want things to “go back to normal” but that cannot be as we will now live with Covid, and economic and global recovery will be a long journey. It is like we are on a journey through the desert and thirsting for the relief of water. The water of the living God will relieve our thirst; however, the journey brings us to a new place. Trusting in God we journey on.

In addition, there is also our personal distress as all of us face the challenges of life. In these crisis seasons of life our souls thirst for God, our spirits cry out for hope and a hint of new life. God knows our need and quenches our thirst with living water. If we but come to the fountain and drink of the free gift that will quench the thirst.

I pray you discover the healing waters that quench the thirsts of your soul. I also pray that together we patiently pray, hope, and persevere toward the community of faith God is creating in New Horizon.

Pastor Rafe