The Shepherd’s Vigil 2/28/2018

A Weekly Message from Rev. Rafe Vigil, Senior Pastor

A few months ago hurricanes hit Florida and many people were affected and continue to be affected. We collected and sent food, but life for us goes back to normal. Over a month ago one of the most horrific school shootings in history occurs right here in our neighborhood. We prayed, grieved and maybe even sent a letter to a person in congress, but life for us is back to normal. Just a few days ago a bridge fell at FIU campus killing 6. We watched the news in horror but again little affected our lives.
Perhaps the passion of our faith means that things should not go back to the way they were before. Perhaps we should be changed and even our routines and life choices affected.
People are still struggling post hurricane and the United Methodist Church is present and responding. While there is great need around the state the response in the keys needs more help. You will hear more Sunday on how we are responding with mission teams from New Horizon going south to offer our help.
Students and families are still feeling grief, frustration, and insecurity as school is back in session. Did you write your local, state and federal representatives? There is a March for Life at Pine Trails park this Saturday to stand up for common sense laws that will bring a feeling of security.
The bridge tragedy at FIU? The deaths affected deeply the school next door to our church and a sister UM church in Dade that I once served as pastor.
Perhaps our lives should be changed. We journey through Lent to have a deep relationship with Jesus as we come out on Easter. Not the same but now transformed. As the events of our community take place around us, we are called to respond with love and that means our lives will be changed.
As we come to Holy Week with the stories of Christ’s passion, death and resurrection I pray you are totally transformed. Jesus died for nothing less,
See you Sunday,

Pastor Rafe