The Shepherd’s Vigil 11/29/2017

A Weekly Message from Rev. Rafe Vigil, Senior Pastor


God is about to pronounce His people well, so that they will never again live like fools.  Psalm 85:8

Have you ever done something foolish, just to turn around and do it again?  Sometimes it is by accident and we think we should have learned the first time.  Sometime we do it again on purpose and hope for a different outcome. (To do this over and over and expect a different result is known as an illness.)

We live our lives all year long going through our routines and then we get to this time of the year and everything changes.  As a culture our economy changes drastically in December as our shopping patterns shift.  As consumers we consume more.

Also at this time of the year as a culture we get more generous.  Giving and volunteering skyrockets at this time of the year.  Are not children and families in need the rest of the year?  Do we do this generosity truly for them or just to make ourselves feel better, clear our guilt from the year?

Whatever our year has been Jesus is coming!  However we have acted, Jesus is coming!  This is good news of hope and it is dangerous news of judgement as we know we have acted like fools.  Jesus comes to give life. That means holding a mirror up to our foolishness and then also making us well, so that we can truly live.

You do not have to live repeating your foolishness.  God offers full and abundant new life in Jesus Christ.  Jesus is coming!

See you Sunday,

Pastor Rafe