The Shepherd’s Vigil 5/16/2018

A Weekly Message from Rev. Rafe Vigil, Senior Pastor


This past week one of the hallmark missions of New Horizon UMC was recognized in our community. HandsOn Broward hosted their second annual Youth Impact Awards program. The Youth Impact Awards celebrate a group of young volunteers between the ages of 5 and 18 for their extraordinary service to their community and volunteer activities. In addition, one award, the Changemaker Award, honors an adult who has provided outstanding leadership to a young volunteer or group of young volunteers in our community. This year, Pastor Peytyn Tobin received the Changemaker Award for her work in leading our Pack-A-Sack program. Congratulations to Peytyn and all of you who work so hard to carry out this ministry in our local community.


You may know that Pack-A-Sack (soon to be Nourish Me, Inc., as we incorporate this work as a not for profit) provides healthy food supplements to nearly 200 households in our area. This is done in partnership with 11 elementary schools; and it addresses the issue of children’s hunger in Broward county. Children who are hungry can’t learn. What you may not realize is that under Peytyn’s leadership there is also a partnership with 3 High school in our area. This work is designed to help young people learn about service and leadership. Teenagers are on our campus weekly to pack and organize the food and learn about how to lead in their community.


“This recognition for what we do is a “game changer” for New Horizon and Pack -A-Sack in the community. I believe this will open doors for greater impact in our community, both in mentoring young leaders and to establishing partnerships to reach more children. Its a very exciting time for us as we continue to serve with this program.”


This is a great work and is certainly a work of God’s Kingdom. Your prayers and support have birthed and supported this mission and over the last few years it has grown in impact in our community. There is still more to do as we work to eradicate childhood hunger in Broward county.


Way to go New Horizon!! Keep it up!

See you Sunday,

Pastor Rafe