The Shepherd’s Vigil 10/18/2017

A Weekly Message from Rev. Rafe Vigil, Senior Pastor


It is getting very real.  The last two days I have been preparing for a Wednesday evening study on the Holy Land.  This is a prelude to our pilgrimage to the Holy Land in January.  We have a group of about 19 who are registered for the trip and it is getting very close.  It is not too late if you want to sign up for the trip of a lifetime.

The land of the Bible is often called the fifth gospel.  The setting, culture, people, history and geography play a large part in the scripture stories.  To go there opens up a whole new perspective on every one of the Biblical stories.  What is called the “wilderness” in the scriptures is actually rocky, dry desserts.  Most the of Jordan river is the size of a south Florida canal and not like the St. John’s river.  How big is the “sea of Galilee”?  It is a sea right?  But it is smaller than Lake Okeechobee.

Then there is Jerusalem!  Wow ancient and modern at the same time and still deeply spiritual.  I hope you will join me starting tonight for a small glimpse into the Holy Land.  The study will include video, pictures, maps, testimony and a daily devotional reading written by a guide who leads trips in the land.

Did you know that Christian tourism is over 50% of Israel’s/Palestine’s economy?  Where there is a strong economy and jobs there is peace.  Thus our travels to the Holy Land actually help bring peace to this area.

See you tonight for the study.  If you want to investigate joining the trip in January call me now.



Pastor Rafe