The Shepherd’s Vigil 06/21/2017

A Weekly Message from Rev. Rafe Vigil, Senior Pastor


This week we are packing for our mission to the Dominican Republic.  Thank you to all of you who brought in supplies and gave donations for the work with the kids and staff at Hogar de Niños.   The final preparations are being made and our team heads off very early Monday morning.


The orphanage we work with is in the city of San Cristobal.  There is a boy’s home that we stay at and a girl’s home in the city.  Both have schools connected to them.  Our work includes medical checkups and painting the large buildings but mostly we play with and love on the children.


We have a large team this year of 19 people with folks from here, Jacksonville and Mississippi.  Mostly the team is made up of youth and young adults but the work makes all of us feel young (and tired).  This year we have more Spanish speaking team members so we are endeavoring to do a Bible School experience with the kids.


While each team member invests financially in the cost of the travel and stay locally, we count on your donations for work supplies, crafts, snacks, gifts, and the end of the week party when the kids get a big treat of pizza, cake and ice cream.  Thank you for your donations.  Please be in prayer for our team, the staff at the homes and the children.

This Sunday in worship we will pray over our travelers and take up a special offering to support the mission.  See you Sunday.