The Shepherd’s Vigil 10/16/2019

A Weekly Message from Rev. Rafe Vigil, Senior Pastor

       ”Life moves pretty fast and if you don’t slow down and pay attention you may miss it.”
This is a paraphrase from a movie quote from Ferris Bueller. I find I say this to myself quite often to get my mind and body to slow down. There is a lot going on and sometimes we just need to practice the spiritual discipline of slowing. Yes the practice of a more peaceful pace of life is a spiritual discipline.
Yes New Horizon has a lot going on right now. Not just pumpkins and the fall events but a growing (I mean exponentially growing) number of ministries and opportunities to serve. Not everybody can do everything but everybody can do the part that God has put on their heart. Slow down, pay attention and discover what passion to serve God is putting on your heart.
There is so much going on in the ministry of New Horizon that I cannot even begin to list them here. I know I would forget something. All of the work of ministry is about one thing, sharing the love of Jesus Christ. Yes, pumpkins, new building, concert in the patch, stewardship campaign and everything else are about sharing love.
I hope you feel the love of our faith community at New Horizon and I pray you share that love through the ministry God has laid on your heart.
Pastor Rafe