Small Groups Ministry

Small groups are not only one of the best ways to learn more about a topic of interest, but also to get to know and for relationships with other church members. No matter the subject, small groups ensure that everyone has a chance share a point of view, to share from their own experiences and to ask questions in an open atmosphere free from judgement. It is by learning to be loving and compassionate with other Christians that allows us to carry God’s grace and forgivness to the hurting and oppressed all around us.

The topics studied in our small groups change periodically, according to the needs of our members. Listed here are a few important studies that are usually repeated through the year.

Disciple Bible Study Class

The DISCIPLE Bible Series is a 4-course program of disciplined Bible study aimed at developing strong Christians. The courses combine a video introduction with group discussion. During the week, participants read and respond to assigned passages from the Bible. The four courses rotate throughout the year.

Disciple Classes meet during Wednesday Family Night

5:30 – 7:25 pm

Here are synopses of two of the Disciple courses.

Disciple I – Becoming Disciples Through Bible Study (34 wks) recognizes the human-divine nature of the Bible. The texts of Scripture were written by human beings like ourselves in their cultural settings, under the divine inspiration of God. It affirms that the canon was formed as it is in order for God to speak to us from both the Old and New Testament, emphasizing the wholeness of the Bible as the revelation of God. DISCIPLE aims at transformation, not just information, to put yourself under the power of God’s Word, and to be changed by God’s Word.

Disciple III – Remember Who You Are (32 wks) is the connection between memory and identity as the people of God. The word You in the title is meant to be heard both in its singular form (the individual) and its plural form (the community). We are a community of memory. You will read the major and minor Old Testament prophets, with the exception of Daniel, and will read the thirteen Letters traditionally attributed to Paul.

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Financial Peace University

Financial Peace University shows you how to follow God’s plan to beat debt, build wealth and keep your own economy thriving – even if the nation’s isn’t.

A Disciple’s Path

Whether you are a visitor, new member or long-time member, A Disciple’s Path will help guide you to take the next step in discipleship and become dynamic, engaged followers of Jesus Christ.