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A Note from Pastor Rafe

The Shepherd's Vigil

We are in the midst of Holy Week and I am once again overwhelmed with the story. I was raise in a Christian home and have been a follower of Jesus Christ all of my adult life and yet the story of the passion still captures me. All week I am consumed with the story. How is your week going? We know what is coming on Sunday and it would be easy to jump over the horrible accounts of this week. Yet the Last Supper, the garden, the trail, the cruelty and the death captivate. !

I have been not only reading the scripture account but also watching movies. Each morning I have watched a few scenes from Jesus Christ Superstar; I love the music. By Saturday I am sure to watch again the Passion of Christ. Plus there are other films that set the scene and feeling for me. This is a season in the church year that is very busy and I am very tired. Yet I cannot pull myself away from the story that is so depressing. How is your week going? !

Following Jesus is not all sunshine and rainbows. A deep personal relationship with the Savior, following Christ even to the cross, takes us to difficult and painful places. Perhaps we go with Jesus to the cross each Holy Week because we know, or want to know, that Jesus Christ goes with us to our dark, difficult and painful places of life.!

Perhaps that is the heart of the message. The Holy Lord of all the universe, in Jesus Christ, shares your pain and suffering. Christ is with us and knows us. In the passion story God reaches out to personally experience and know our mortality. In the dark week there is good news. !

How is your week going? See you, Thursday night, Friday and Yes Yes Yes on Sunday Hallellullia!

Pastor Rafe​

Saturday Morning House of Prayer​ - Open Prayer in the Sanctuary, 9-9:30 am, Prayer Service 9:30​ am

All are invited to come into the Sanctuary for a time of prayer. At 9:00 am quiet, individual prayer. At 9:30 am Pastor Barb will bring a focusing scripture, reflection, and music provided by Michael. We will then continue with anointing prayers for ​healing as the Spirit leads us.

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