Welcome to New Horizon United Methodist Church. Whether you are a first time visitor or a long time member, we hope you will find the information you need on our website. If not, please don't hesitate to call us.

Church Office: (954) 434-7400

Learning Center/Preschool: (954) 680-9497


A Note from Pastor Rafe

Are we bold with our faith? Or do we offer friends a "soft sell" invitation to church and call it evangelism. The message we proclaim is about Jesus and how He is our Lord. All too often all we talk about with others is church stuff and maybe offer an invite to a church program. We proclaim Jesus! The church is simply the community that is built up from the bold proclamation that Jesus is the Savior of all. Maybe 'church' only happens with the bold and courageous claim that Jesus is the living God. That is what Peter did and he was the foundation on which Jesus would build His church. Matthew 16:18
See you Sunday, Rafe

Saturday Morning House of Prayer​ - Open Prayer in the Sanctuary, 9-9:30 am, Prayer Service 9:30​am

All are invited to come into the Sanctuary for a time of quiet prayer. New Horizon is in the midst of transition​ ​with Pastor Patty's retirement and Pastor Rafe's arrival; we all have family, friends, and church family struggling​ with 'something'; our country's leaders and military have daily struggles; and we all need​ quiet​time to talk to God. The Sanctuary will be open for quiet prayer from 9 to 9:30 am. Pastor Barb and others will be available to pray with you, or you can spend some quiet time alone with God. At 9:30 am, we will gather for a prayer service, led by Pastor Barb. ​

Helping Hallandale Food Pantry Restock the Shelves

Donations for the Hallandale Food Pantry typically dwindle during the summer and this summer is no different. Please remember to pick up something when you shop. We collect canned and boxed items to help fill the pantry shelves. Beans, rice, veggies, crackers, soup, pasta, sauce, peanut butter, etc. Please leave your donations in the wooden box in the lobby.

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